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Biofeedject® - The advantages

Receptors anaesthesia - benefits for both patients and clinicians



The patient's active participation


  • Proprioceptor sensitivity of the patient remains except in anaesthetised intact therapeutic area
  • Information on occlusal contact, the smile line and jaw movement are fully preserved Information on occlusal contact, the smile line and jaw movement are fully preserved
  • Permanent interaction involves the care provider and patient in the highest level of safety


Reducing injuries

  • Due to the constant interaction the risk of nerve injuries are reduced to a minimum
  • Also radiologically non-displayable nerves (lingual nerve, chorda tympani, branches of the mandibular alveolar nerve outside the channel) are conserved
  • Risk of injury from instruments is significantly lower, as lip, tongue and floor of the mouth of the patient are not anaesthetised - the patient works with
  • Post-operative injuries through to early loading of the masticatory system are excluded

Pain reduction

  • Biofeedject reducing injection pain with precise pressure control and the associated adjustment of tissue permeability
  • When correctly applied, only the pain from stitches is felt by the patient


Dose: Comparison

  • A significant reduction in the anaesthetic dose
  • Reduction of anaesthetic, general anaesthetic use can be prevented in almost all cases
  • No depot formation
  • No uncontrolled diffusion

Dose: Risk patients

  • Reduction of anaesthetic to minimise risks for patients such as pregnant women or patients with circulatory problems
  • In many cases, also in patients at extensive risk
  • Treatment possible



  • Double-sided treatment of the maxilla and mandible, right and left in the same session is possible - without risk and while not exceeding the maximum allowable dose per kg of body weight.
  • Significant reduction of medication



  • Receptors anaesthesia is an immediately practical example (more conservative):
  • Time savings per day: 1h
  • Time savings per week: 5 h
  • Time savings per month: c. 20h
  • No treatment interruption



Conclusion: Sanitary and economic benefit for both patients and clinicians



Advantages: Biofeedject classical anaesthesia




Advantages: Biofeedject / general anaesthesia

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