• The syringe plunger

  • The inspection window

  • The metering lever

  • Biofeedject®-injection

Biofeedject® - The operation

Different permeabilities

The permeability of the tissue is very different in the diverse areas of the therapy region. It varies between about 5 and 65 bar.



Pressure adjustment at receptors anaesthesia

When receptors anaesthesia the pressure of the injection must be exactly adapted to the permeability of the respective tissue and the anaesthetic are injected temporally controlled manner.

Until now:

  • When the pressure is too high
    • Accumulation effect
    • Traumatic tissue effects possible
  • When the pressure is too low
    • No diffusion

Today applies:

  • Automatic adaption
    • Protects the tissue
    • Prevents damage sustained before

Note: The adjustment is made automatically; the pressure in the tissue itself must be built up gently to avoid pressure pain to the patient. Therefore press the button gently, check the pressure gauge and pay attention to the tactile feedback on the buttons.

The duration of the injection in soft tissue is between 1 and 3 seconds, in Desmodontal tissue between 6 and 10 seconds.

Almost injecting alone

The semi-automatic device supports the practitioner during the injection and automatically takes over the pressure application to the tissue. The plunger of the Biofeedject ® injection syringe pushes the anaesthetic from the cartridge with adjustable speed. The maximum speed is limited: The complete emptying of a carpoule takes ideally about 35 sec.

Depending on the density of the tissue to be anaesthetised, the pressure balance is established after about 0.5 to 1.5 sec. The anaesthetic is then injected gently over the time required until optimum diffusion is achieved.




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