• The syringe plunger

  • The inspection window

  • The metering lever

  • Biofeedject®-injection

Biofeedject® - The Instrument

"Not only another syringe but high-tech, Made in Germany"

The operator only has to worry about the duration of injection; the newly developed Biofeedject® injection syringe takes over the pressure adjustment. The plunger presses the anaesthetic out of the carpoule with adjustable speed. The maximum speed is limited: The complete emptying of a carpoule takes about 35 sec

Depending on the density of the tissue to be anaesthetised, the pressure balance is established after about 0.5 to 1.5 sec. The anaesthetic is then injected gently over the time required until optimum diffusion is achieved.

Biofeedject® – the helper
For intuitive and precise operation Biofeedject ® supports you 3-fold


1. The lever

About the metering lever ... the practitioner receives information throughout the injection time on the permeability of the respective tissue. When injected, the lever must be operated with a uniform and gentle pressure.



2. The plunger

The inspection window allows you to control the constant speed of the syringe plunger and of the volume of local anaesthetic.




3. Pressure indicator

The optical pressure indicator indicates the level of the hydraulic pressure in the anaesthetic syringe:

1 Ring = low pressure, 2 Rings = medium pressure, 3 Rings = high pressure


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